Promise of God

  The Faithful Few  

In the cold still air the melodic sound of the old bell tolls it's beckoning call
A warm sounding welcome, to all

Approaching the old double doors,
a warm handshake greets those who come;
the Faithful Few;
some old, some new.

Double Doors

The threshold beneath the old double doors,
worn smooth by little passing feet,
the echo of laughter
with children racing to their favorite seat

With all heads bowed and eyes closed tight
The warm caress of words prayed by the preacher
With love and delight

Listen to the songs of love and praise
Look up into the loving eyes of Jesus who seem to say
"Welcome Ye Faithful Few!
Do not forsake me
I will keep my promise


Faithful Few Stained Glass
The Faithful Few written by Ray Raymond
Dedicated to the Oak Grove Church

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