Promise of God

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Eater Lillies for He Lives

He walked throughout the Holy Land

Amid much sin and strife;

Teaching Love and Fellowship

And a new way of life.

He healed the sick, made whole the lame,

Gave hope to those who were lost.

He called the sinner to repent,

No matter what the cost.

Though many came to him in faith

Believing what they heard,

Many more would fear His name

And try to stop his words.

He feared not scorn or ridicule

Nor threats from evil men.

For He was called by higher law

The Gospel to defend.

He knew in time, He'd give His life

And pay the price for Sin.

No matter what they did to Him,

He knew they could not win.

But dieing for redemption's sake

Was hard for Him to bear.

The weight of all the world's sins

Left Him in deep despair.

He came alone to kneel in prayer

In the Garden of Gethsemane.

With anguish pleading from his soul

"Take this burden away from Me."

Although He knew the world's sins

Were His to bear alone.

"Lift this cup from Me", he said,

"but Thy will, not Mine, be done.

Betrayed by one who held his trust,

Who's faith had gone amiss.

For thirty pieces of silver coin,

Betrayed Him with a kiss.

Brought before a judgment seat

Devised by mortal men.

They knew not what they did that day

Would fulfill a higher plan.

Beaten, scourged and ridiculed,

Then forced to bear His cross.

They took him up to Calvary

And nailed him to that cross.

That He was surely the Son of God

His captors never knew.

"Forgive them Father", He cried out,

"for they know not what they do".

He gave His mortal life that day

Upon Mount Calvary.

He paid the price required of Him

For such as you and me.

But death alone would not prevail,

It was only from this earth.

New life would come in three days hence

And hope would have new birth.

No greater joy could we desire

And the feeling which it gives.

Or want for a greater blessing

than to know our Savior lives.

© Gerald R Hill

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