Promise of God

Lord Let Me Be by Mae Lafferty

Let me be a lamp unto the feet of my brother
That I may help him through the hard times
When rain falls down upon him
Let him know I will lift him up
When his load is too heavy to bear
When his steps are weary
And no comfort can be found

Let me be as a breeze unto the back of my brother
That I may help him through turbulent times
When the world rises up against him
When the waves get too high
And the harbor seems so far away
Let him know I am a safe shore
And will help him to find firmer ground

Let me be an answer to the prayer in my brother's heart
That I may have served some purpose here
Not only to those whom I love
But also to my brothers I have never met
Let me walk each day in the knowledge
That no man ever walks alone, and
Live life to the fullest until the trumpet's last sound.

Lord, Let Me Be....


By Mae Lafferty

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