Promise of God

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Peace In The New Year

Tomorrow we will awake

On a bleak New Year's morn,

With hope that true love

In each heart will be born

And will spread to the ends

Of the earth far away,

So that no one need quarrel

'Bout how we should pray.

Peace Sign in the Sand

Let compassion create us,

Mold us each day,

To a fellowship of nations

Lighting the way.

The way home to oneness,

To battle no more,

The way to acceptance

That ends strife and war.

The way to a peace,

Where we all have a voice.

Where each soul can worship

And all can rejoice

Dalhia from My Garden

Be you Allah, or Yahweh,

or Jesus, The Christ,

Give us grace for the journey

That leads to insight.

To a world that will treat

Everyone just the same,

So that no one kills others

While invoking Your name.

For peace is a seed

That fear tries to kill.

A seed all must plant

Down deep in their will.

It says I'll choose love

Each step of the way --

Every moment, every minute,

Then becomes a graced day.

Sunset Peace

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