Promise of God

Inspirational Christian Poems and Stories

Searching For God by Kenneth J Ellison

Searching for God at Ashley Creek

In my lifetime quest
For peace and happiness,
I looked for the God of creation
Seeking my eternal salvation.

I sought God everywhere
Vainly searching in despair,
In no place could I find
This Savior to call mine.

I read the worlds religions
Trying to see a vision
Of where God might be
But the Lord escapes me.

I've searched for God in mind
But He eludes me every time,
My thoughts cannot make clear
Why the creator is not here.

I sought God from preachers
And world famous teachers,
I sought from priest and rabbi
But God's grace passes me by.

Searching for God with the Bears

I studied the Bible and other books
And pilgrim journeys I took,
Searching for God in every place
But in none did I see his face.

I searched holy places and shrines
Looking for divinity signs
But each time I feel God is near
His presence disappears.

In desperation I fell to my knees
Crying, "why have you forsaken me?"
I've searched for you again and again!
I hear a gentle voice whisper----
" You did not invite me in"

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